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tv   Fox 5 News at 11  FOX  June 25, 2011 11:00pm-11:15pm EDT

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going to pick me up? >> brothers who anchor each other and inspire in and out of the pool. in washington, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> that is a wrap for us, well sort of. the news still coming at you. the news edge at 11:00 starts right now. this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. >> i'm will thomas. the news edge starts off tonight with a quadruple shooting in northwest dc. it happened just blocks away from the annual caribbean festival. tonight we are learning more about a motive behind the shooting. audrey barnes starts us off. >> this is automatic and it just went pow pow pow and people started stampeding, running. when they started running my way, i made a turn to come down the street here to get out of the way. >> reporter: witnesses describe a scene of pure chaos. people running for cover and trying to find family members as someone opens fire after
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some type of altercation at georgia avenue. >> i ran back to my car to make sure my family and friends were safe. >> officers on duty for the nearby caribbean festival got to the scene quickly and found three shooting victims at gresham and georgia. >> we believe we saw three. definitely were totally not involved at all. we were questioning the fourth one because he was running from the scene. >> evidence of the street fight was everywhere. more than 21 pieces tagged and photographed. canines looked for more. right now investigators don't think the shooting had anything to do with the festival. more likely a neighborhood dispute. >> we have thousands of people out here in the festival. it's a shame because unfortunately, some of these blocks throughout here are kind of our crew hot areas. >> for visitors who did attend the festival and hung around a
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little too long, a sad ending. >> it is an unfortunate ending, especially with the shortening of the route and the timing. you know, it's unfortunate. >> putting pieces together and i'm happy we have a lot of people cooperating, saying what was going on. we have a loft people in shock, too, to have gunfire erupt while they are trying to celebrate. >> police believe someone in the crowd may have cell phone video of the shooting f. you have pictures that could help, police are hoping you'll send them in. audrey barnes, fox 5 news. now the edge on maryland. today marked the second day of the reopening of lumulemon in bethesda. three months after store manager was brutally killed there. today store employees honored jayna murray's life with live music, yoga, and a moment of silence. she was found beaten to death inside the bethesda store in march. a coworker, brittany norwood is
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charged with that murder. pieces of 9/11 history is now part of a volunteer firefighter memorial in kensington, maryland. that 16-foot tall steel remnants was from the world trade center. kensington fire department units responded to the pentagon on 9/11. thanks to a recent supreme court ruling, police in california don't need a warrant to go through a suspect's cell phone as long as it's within reach when the cuffs go on. it's all fair game apparently. claudia has more. >> imagine getting busted for a minor crime only to have the police start digging through your cell phone without having obtained a search warrant. that's the reality in california after the state supreme court ruled that if it's within the suspect's reach at the time of arrest, that
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cell phone is fair game. a fair ruling say police. >> the ability to immediately go in and search or mind the data in the phone is extremely valuable to law enforcement. extremely valuable to publi safety. >> this is government snooping between the lives of citizens without any suggestion that there's any relationship to the information found on the phone and any crime committed. >> state senator mark leno was pushing legislation to overturn the court's ruling, arguing warrantless cell phone searches violate rights. within minutes, police can retrieve a wealth of personal information from calls made to sites surfed, to text messages sent and even recent locations visited. supporters say that's precisely the kind of information that can stop crime, maybe save lives and help convict offenders. in the time it takes to obtain a warrant, evidence can be
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destroyed. >> these are mobile people and you need to be able to get to them now. so it's extremely important. it's a very good decision. >> but critics worry police now have target certain people simply to get to the information stored on their phone. >> recent court rulings upholding warrantless cell phone searches and banning them in ohio are fueling the debate over digital privacy protection and setting the stage for the nation's highest court to eventually decide the issue. in los angeles, claudia, fox news. the news edge is everywhere at 11:00. we now know the name of the virginia state trooper killed yesterday in a crash. 28-year-old adam bone was responding to a call when his patrol car collided with another vehicle. the trooper died at the scene. his car split in half. the crash is under information. testimony was canceled today in the casey anthony murder trial. the judge called a recess due
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to an unrelated legal issue. court is expected to be back in session monday morning. anthony is accused of killing her two-year-old daughter, caylee, back in 2008. surveying the damage as record floods roll through north dakota. the river is nearing its crest today. it was expected to peek at nearly 9 feet above the flood stage. fortunately it appears to be leveling off at just 6 1/2 feet. a close call for three workers on scaffolding in miami. they were up about 8 stories when it began to tilt to one side leaving at least one of them there hanging on for dear life. one worker sat stranded on a light pole waiting for emergency crews to arrive. >> not your typical day on the job. >> actually it is. we train for this all the time. i'm a part of the technical rescue team and this is one of our bread and butter operations. >> at least they have a good attitude about it. all three men were brought to
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safety unharmed. these dogs are so ugly, they are actually pretty cute. tucker, those are just your words. pint sized pups that took home this year's crown for the ugliest dog in the world. that's coming your way on the news edge along with tucker. >> i think it's cute. >> right. we had a nice saturday. temperatures in the 80s. we'll do it again tomorrow. all the details on your forecast coming up in a minute. 
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nice one today. we had temperatures in the mid 80s and we're going to do it again tomorrow. temperatures a degree or two warmer. 77 at reagan national. that's in the warm spots. 66 in gaithersburg. 66 in frederick. 68 in hagerstown. 70 in leanardtown. you can save on the air- conditioning tonight as temperatures are going to fall into the upper 50s off to the north and west. even here in the city, bottom
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out in the mid 50s. it should be a nice one. not much to show you. very quiet. a little bit of fair weather cumulouse set up during the course of the morning. that was around this afternoon and we'll do it all over again tomorrow as high pressure off to our north and west kind of noses in here. another great looking day tomorrow with plenty of sunshine. i think more sunshine tomorrow than today and high temperature topping out in the mid 80s. here's the best part. humidity will stay in check for another day. humidity doesn't start to fill back in here until monday. so good looking forecast ahead. here you go. forecast for tomorrow, warm conditions out there. highs in the mid 80s. 87 in washington. 84 in annapolis. 86 in frederick. 88 in fredericksburg and again we're going to keep the humidity low tomorrow. it should feel good for you if you have outdoor plans tomorrow. here's your five-day forecast and nice tomorrow. 87. humidity builds back in for the day on monday. could be some thunderstorms monday afternoon. hot and humid with highs in the
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90s. cooler by wednesday and thursday. that's the forecast tonight. will, over to you. >> tucker, thanks. we are taking the news edge off tonight with the face only a mother could love. take a look. dozens of dogs competed for the title of the world's ugliest dog. the honor went to this 14-year- old chinese crested and chihuahua mix. 14-year-old yoda lives in california, only weighs 2- pounds. her owner thought the pooch was a rat at first. googled yoda. apparently the little guy has a glass eye. the owner won a thousand bucks in the contest. maybe that will pay for something else, i don't know. dave ross joins us now with a preview of what's coming up on nissan sports extra. dave. >> thanks for letting me follow the ugliest dog, i appreciate that. kevin shaefer and john will rejoin me. we are talking about the nats and wizards draft and donovan
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mcnabb. yes football talk. will he will be here when the lockout ends? we have one heck of a show lined up for you. will, over to you. >> that's going to do it for us. fox 5 news always on as you know. sports extra is two minutes away. i'll see you tomorrow at 6:00, 10:00, and 11:00. take care. ou
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